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2D Seismic Reflection

Geopartner in this year carried out a series of seismic surveys in terms of 2D deep seismic reflection. We offer a wide range of instruments necessary to perform such studies both at the stage of acquisition and data processing. In order to identify deep geological structures for the purposes of O&G industry, we use seismic vibrators INOVA Univib. In all field work performed for this kind of issues, registration was carried out with the modern wireless apparatus RT2 Wireless Seismic on a recording-truck unit.

Transfer of information between the various instruments: seismic source – receiver – recorder, is wireless, which greatly speeds up field work related with the installation of the measuring system and allows an easy modification of the system in event of topographical impediments.
Complete multi-stage seismic data processing was carried out by means of advanced software ProMAX / SeisSpace 5000 by Landmark.
Recently, our company has also performed office work consisting of reprocessing and reinterpretation of archival seismic data.