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Comprehensive geophysical surveys for detection of copper ore deposits in the area of Fore-Sudetic Monocline

Topic: Comprehensive geophysical surveys for the exploration of copper ore deposits in the Pre-Sudetic Monocline area (Gravity/TDEM/MT/reflective seismic)

Geopartner took part in a large research project of geophysical survey with the methods of gravimetry, magnetotellurics (MT), induced polarization (IP), transient electromagnetics (TDEM) as well as seismic reflection. Performed surveys are pioneering studies as regards the range and choice of geophysical methods, as well as carried out on such a large scale in the area of Polish copper deposits (more than 100 kilometers of profiles). Our company performed entirely gravimetric, MT, IP and TDEM surveys, and took an active part in the overall interpretation. Results of works are primarily several methodological innovations on the use of MT / IP for the direct detection of mineral deposits.