Addres: Skośna 39B, Kraków


  • KLIENT: Geological Survey of Finland
  • LOKALIZACJA: Helsinki - Central Park
  • DATA: January 30, 2020
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  • Skośna 39B, 30-383 Kraków
  • +48 (12) 261 35 00

Seismic Data Acquisition in central Park Helsinki

Geopartner Ltd. implemented geophysical survey in GTK project in Helsinki area Southern Finland. Geopartner accomplished 2D reflection seismic study for the geothermal energy exploration project. Vibroseismic method was used to achieve information from the depth of several kilometres inside Finnish bedrock.
The project was delivered within time, budget and in a high professional level. Our client was pleased with the quality, H&S, technical skills, timing and data acquiring work delivered by Geopartner ltd.