Addres: Skośna 39B, Kraków


  • KLIENT: Hydroelectric power plant in Włocławek
  • LOKALIZACJA: Włocławek
  • DATA: September 2014
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  • Skośna 39B, 30-383 Kraków
  • +48 (12) 261 35 00

Underwater GPR Surveys

Topic: Non-invasive diagnosis of the substrate conditions under forebay and afterbay slabs at Włocławek hydroelectric power plant

The aim of the work was to assess the substrate conditions under forebay and afterbay slabs at Wloclawek hydroelectric power plant, in order to identify and locate potential zones of discontinuity, ground heterogeneity or voids affecting the subsurface to a depth of about 2.0 m. For this purpose was used a specially-designed bathyscaphe in which was placed the GPR antenna with a frequency of 250 MHz. Bathyscaphe was fixed to a watercraft and guided by a diver as deep as possible over the surface of the slabs. Thanks to the diver, it was maintained with continuity the connectivity, allowing fast adjustments of measurement set.