Addres: Skośna 39B, Kraków


Most tests and analyses of soil and water samples are carried out in our own laboratory according to PN-81/B-03020:1981, PN-86/B-02480:1986, PN-88/B-04481:1988, technical specifications ISO/TS 17892, EUROKOD 7.

Our laboratory equipment

– Casagrande’s APG-3a machine

– Universal cone penetrometer PU

– Direct Shear Camera electronic version AB-2a-DL-F

– EEZ electromagnetic shaker with a set of laboratory screens

– Areometer

– Laboratory Edometer EL-1

– Laboratory Edometer EL-1-DL-H8

– High temperature furnace (SNOL families)

– Proctor mechanical rammer type MP3-4