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Geophysics & Geotechnics

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Experiance & Innovations

Geopartner Sp. z o.o. was established over twenty years ago on the basis of many years of experience of the founders. From the very beginning, the company promoted the latest technologies and standards of solving geological and geophysical tasks. The basis of our activity is investing in people. At the moment we employ over forty engineers of many specializations. They include specialists in geophysics, geology, engineering geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, and environmental protection.

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Our Company

GEOPARTNER Ltd. for many years performed geophysical, geotechnical, geological and hydrogeological investigations. Our staff consisting of over 40 highly qualified geo-engineers, by using their knowledge, experience, modern equipment, and software, performs tasks ranging from small measurements to large geophysical and geotechnical projects in Poland and abroad. Our team is authorized to plan, head up work and to provide full technical documentation. We are selecting appropriate methods and research to the issue and integrating them properly.

We provide a large range of geophysical methods: reflection seismics (Wireless Seismic), seismic refraction, MASW, magnetotellurics (MT/AMT), gravimetry, CSAMT, induced polarization (IP), transient electromagnetics (TDEM), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), magnetic methods, geoelectrical methods, electromagnetics, magnetometry.

We have a whole range of geotechnical equipment: hydraulic drills, static and dynamic probes, CPT, CPTU, DPL, light plate for dynamic surveys (HMP-LFG-SD_PC); moreover, in every geotechnical survey we are supported by our internal geotechnical laboratory.

As the first in Poland to commercial scale we introduced GPR geophysical surveys on railways and levees. We surveyed several thousands of kilometers of railway trails integrating geotechnical and geophysical studies, creating development projects of new railway lines and modernization of existing ones. We have developed an assessment of the technical condition of hundreds kilometers of embankments, integrating geophysical measures with geological and hydrological results. In these fields, we are precursors in Poland and leaders in Poland and Europe. We have developed a number of standards of these works, which are used to now, even creating unique equipment for these studies.

In addition to performing commissioned works we manage research: in fact we have a specific R&D unit; we collaborate with universities and with the Polish Academy of Sciences. For years, participating in national and international industry conferences, we expanded our knowledge, also thanks to experiences exchanging. Our R&D unit has developed many interesting solutions during the years of our activity: one of them was to perform a specially built bathyscaphe, the first GPR underwater test. Underwater research technology offers many new opportunities of exploration and knowledge especially in the construction of water infrastructures. Besides that, we have European patent for a unique technology of deep ground compaction operating from the surface.

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